Genre(s) I can’t cope with. And my major addiction problem

Well hello everyone and welcome to yet another (random) blogpost!

So, if you remember, in my second TBR draw I drew Sophie Hannah’s “The other woman’s house”, or, as I later found out “Lasting damage” which apparently is the same book, which I also had…was just a complete BORE. It started out with a weird, yet original plot, but it drooooooned on and on about things that had nothing to do with the plot and people that was just a waste of tiiiiime. I got bored. So I didn’t finish it. Main character having a long fight with her parents? Nope, don’t need it, not relevant.

Total number of dodo’s: NONE cause that’s not fair to an unfinished book…

Which brings me to my next topic! Genres I don’t like. Crime. Pure, simple, straight up, typical crime. I see enough of those shows on TV I don’t need them in book-form as well. I think, for the most part, that is the one genre I can’t deal with at all.



So I totally fell of the wagon. Yup. I am admitting it, I am a complete book-junkie! What was my sworn oath again? Ah yes, do not buy a single book for myself for four months. I cracked. (See, this is why I have a wish-list on amazon, people! :D)
In my defense, two of these books I had ordered before I made my promise, so those are cool, right….right??


(Wow, I did not crop that picture at all…)
So, now, this is even more stupid. I had already bought “Shatter me” on Kindle, but when this arrived at my store I realized IT’S A FLOPPY BOOK and GAWD how I love floppy books! You know, not that stiff, unbendable cover but a proper, jiggly, floppy book! So I had to have it. Naturally.  “Vicious” I’ve seen and heard people raving about on instagram and booktubers. Superheroes. Done and done!

And then I fell of the wagon AGAIN. Today.



(Wow did not crop that picture either..!)


Now this is apparently a children’s book, but it’s supposed to be THAT good that everyone, even us old people, are loving it! I got too intrigued for my own good and did a spontaneous buy. Have anyone read this? Do let me know in the comments!

And, since I didn’t finish Sophie Hannah I had to do another TBR draw! Here’s the vid from instagram via youtube! 




Library clean-up and giveaways

So I’ve made a pretty daring decision. I’m going to box up the books in my library that I will never read. Because, I’m afraid to admit, there are some that I PROBABLY never will read. That’s addiction for ya, you bring home freebie-books and buy in blindness. That’s how it goes. It probably started out with me wanting to read or being curious, but when I now see the amount of books that stand unread I have to look it straight in the eye and admit to myself; it’s not going to happen. When I have so many books to choose from I won’t go for the least interesting ones.

I’ve already packed two boxes, which is pretty rad, when it comes to me! I’m bringing home a second box today, basically forcing me to take another look through the shelves. A lot of Norwegian books has to go, I am still to much in love with my English books and in those shelves I have more I want to read on a much higher level than the Norwegian ones!

I’m planning to give them all away to someone and somewhere I know they will be loved, because that is quite an important part of this. Where do you think I should deliver my books? 
My options are:
2nd hand bookstore
Hospital libraries
Retirement homes
Friends (but that’s going to take ages)
Selling them online

My favorite must be hospital libraries. My mom has done that a few times and they all get super-excited when they get books as they can’t buy many themselves!
Please leave me a comment and tell me if you have any good options for what I can do with my books! 🙂

Review: John Carter; A princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs * TBR jar draw #2

Well hello everyone! So I just read this:

Now I know this is the ultimate pulpy science fiction meets classic romance-book of ALL. And I know that this one is probably measured up to every book that followed.
Yet I got bored. Yup, I actually got so bored that I, just over half way, switched to the audiobook (Again, I know, but is amazing!!) I think the whole diary-telling way of writing is not for me. It’s just a one-sided storytelling and well, not digging it all too much.
This is written in 1911 so I guess one can’t measure it up to all the modern books we read today. Don’t get me wrong, it is a really good story! It’s such a classic tale of aliens, manly, macho heroes and scantily clad princesses and fights for freedom and love. There is no doubt that the focus is the two stereotypes; butch men and fainting women. Right? Well, maybe except Sola, but she is a GREEN MARTIAN.
And then there’s Woola. I love me some Woola. That dog (well I use DOG very loosely) is the truest of all forms on Mars; loyal, friendly, deadly and honest. That guy will follow you to the end of planet, as long as you don’t beat him up, as the green martians tend to do with their “pets”. To me Woola is the hero in this book!!

I did finish it, reading along to the audible at times and especially the last two chapters, which left me frozen in anxiety. And the last two lines of the book; UGH it made me cry! Those last two chapters made this a four-star book instead of my initial three, because that is exactly the kind of ending of the first book in a series needs to have.

This is also the recipe for a classic Disney-movie, so I get that they made…a movie… 🙂 Which I’ve seen the start and end of, but not in it’s entirety. I will now! (Just wish they followed the book more…like the ending.)

Number of dodo’s: 4 Image  Image ImageImage


My second TBR jar draw!!

Well, I say jar, I mean box. It’s so sad I know, I am horrible, but that’s beside the point! Here it my draw!!


Sophie Hannah – The other woman’s house. This is a physiological thriller. That’s all I know. Have you read it?? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time fellow reader!



A lovely author’s note and the last book haul.

Well hello everyone and welcome back! And I sincerely mean that as I see I’ve gained 291 followers basically over night! WHAT IS WORDS! I love you all and now I truly promise to keep this blog up and running!

Well, first of all I’m going to have to tell you all about the most amazing thing that happened today!
So I was supposed to go to this huge event tonight, at one of Norway’s biggest publishing houses and at this “summer party” as they call it, the ever awesome Marisha Pessl was going to make an appearance! Yay! But then I found out today I couldn’t go after all…buh…
When I was down in our storage room, at the airport where my bookstore is, I came to talking with a colleague from our biggest bookstore on the inside of the security point (mine is at arrivals) and she told me “Oh, I was supposed to bring you a note! An english couple was asking for you!” I got all curious, of course, but she didn’t know who it was because she didn’t speak with them directly.
Curiosity got the better of me so I hurried up to their store and there I was handed a little handwritten note….from Marisha Pessl


*crying* *squealing* *flailing* I just couldn’t grasp that she had been to the store, asked for me and then left this lovely note! I haven’t talked to her that much, except for a few sentences and that was only through instagram and LOOK! Look what this beauty left me! Yes, I know it’s just a note but STILL. For ME!
So that kept me going for the rest of the day! Thank you Marisha!


And then….Dumduuuum…I made a promise on the way home.
‘Tis said. I swore that, since I have a 500-odd books in my shelves and kindle that I have NOT read yet, I will not buy a book for the next four months! No more money-spendin’ here! (Gifts are TOTALLY COOL by the way…just…so you know. Just leaving this here.)
So, September 14th may you come fast.

So these are the last two books I’ve bought for myself!


This is the first book in the Waterfire saga; Deep blue by Jennifer Donnelly. It’s all mermaids! Yay! It’s about a girl called Serafina who is about to be married, but she is haunted by strange dreams of the return of an ancient evil and soon her city is stormed by assassins. And a big quest ensues! It is set in the oceans of our planet, even with a world map and the names of the six mermaid oceans. I’ve heard great things about this from the booktuber benjaminoftomes (Click on the link, he’s a total cutiepie you should follow him.) and yes, so that make me super curious! And I love mermaids!

And look what the dust cover is hiding!!



Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
This one is about Humbert, a middle-aged college professor. He falls outrageously in lust (!) with his landlady’s twelve-year old daughter, Dolores. He’s obsessed and he’ll do anything, even commit crime, to possess his Lolita. But when she belongs to him, once he has got what he wants, what next? And how long is Lolita willing to be possessed?



This just fascinated me and it’s also a story I’m familiar with as it’s basically a classic by now. It’s an old book (1955 I think), published in Great Britain in 1959. It’s also a movie starring Jeremy Irons and Jeremy Irons rock so check that one out too!

And there you have it! A very eventful day indeed!

Until next time friends; don’t let the dodo get you.

Amazon wishlist */* Radiant!

Well hello there!

So I’ve been super selfish and added a link to my Amazon wishlist on the right sidebar over there. Yup. No, I know it’s not selfish, it’s practical. I can track what I want to buy and when I am broke (90% of the time) i can wish for someone, somewhere to somehow see it and go “I’m gonna buy a book for that girl because she needs cheering up.”
That would’ve been lovely…a girl can hope, can’t she?? 😀
Things are rough at the time, I’m not going to lie. My mom has just started radiation treatment for her second round of breast cancer. It was 20 years ago she had her first diagnosis. And for 20 years my mom has been sick. She has had pretty much everything in the book.
Breast cancer
Destroyed nerves in left arm caused by surgery during mastectomy.
Metabolism problems
Heart attack
Open heart surgery
Hearing problems/hearing aid
Operations in her calf and arm
Bad back issues
Loss of sight/permanent tunnel vision
Memory issues (this has not been diagnozed but her father has alzheimers)
Breast cancer #2

So yeah. I can’t remember a time my mom was healthy and able to work, let alone go to the mall with me or go for walks.
She’s a bloody hard-hitting and stubborn woman though, but sometimes the wall has got to break. She cries more now. She’s scared, naturally!
But I am so damned proud of her. Today, just a few minutes ago actually, she called me from the hospital, letting me know that she had just finished her first round of radiation.
“How do you feel mum?” I asked.
“Radiant!” She replied.
I could not be more relieved. She is in good spirit! Now just 4 weeks and 4 days remain of this. It’s going to be a long and rough and exhausting journey, for all of us, but we have something to look forward to. We’re all (me, my husband, mom and dad) are going on a boat trip for a weekend in the end of june. I can’t express how awesome that is, seeing as my mom and dad are divorced! We all get to hang out together on a trip! (They’re friends, don’t get me wrong. Dad helps mom out ALL the time and they live close to each other.)

So yeah, that’s my every-day at the moment. I spend a lot of time worrying. And being scared. And fearing the inevitable future. But for right now, she’s here, she’s positive and that is all that matters.

“I am radiant!”

TBR JAR draw #1

Well hello! So this is my little video (first posted on instagram) of me doing my first draw from my TBR jar! Yay! So this way I’m forced to start picking up the books in my shelf and not just buying new ones…hehe…And you are all my witnesses!

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Review: The universe versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

Well hello everyone! Again! Today! (Don’t expect this to be common. Two posts a day? Beginners frenzy!!)

Tonight I am bringing you my first review here on GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE DODO-blog! Yay!
First of all: my rating system: I rate in dodo’s. Yup. 1 dodo: DID NOT LIKE IT! 5 dodo’s: BLOODY LOVED IT!!
Quite simple, ey?
I’ve read this book Image on behalf of the Norwegian publisher, Bastion. They will be publishing this in…september…? I think…?
Well anyways, this didn’t really do it for me. Up until the last 5 or so chapters. It got to…geeky and sciency for me, I guess. Clearly anyone calling it “sciency” is not smart enough to catch the depth in this book. Hah.
I had to add the audiobook just over halfway, to get in to it or I would’ve just put it away. And it helped! (THANK YOU for being the best audio store I’ve ever come across!)
Like I said, the last 5 or so chapters I felt that the author made the characters come more alive as feeling humans and not intellectual beings and I even shed a tear towards the end. It all of a sudden became a strong experience, what Mr. Peterson and Alex went through together. It became that unlikely friendship that ended in something amazingly strong and unbreakable. I loved how these two ended up changing the other one and basically making them better persons.

And yes, I am now sitting here listening to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major. If you’ve read the book you understand why.

Link to goodreads review: The universe versus Alex Woods on Goodreads 

Number of DODO’s: 3.5 (ugh, that’s gonna be messy!) ImageImage Image halfadodo2 See? Not very pleasant…
Read month: May

Library tour!!

Well hello everyone!
So I’ve made my first video! Whoo! With added music!! Double-whoo! Yes, I know the quality is sucky, but I can’t afford a new fancy HD camera! Anyone want to help me out with that so I can maintain this blogging and slowly go into videoblogging? It will be very much appreciated! 😀
Well, anyways, welcome to my library! This will show ALL the books me and my husband own. Not all are mine, so don’t expect me to read EVERY SINGLE ONE in here… 😉
Besides, according to my goodreads account (ID: 7588411 go follow me!) I have a total of 576 unread books….Now that is a book shame-post all on its own…*shiver*

Thursday book haul!!

Hello everyone and happy Thor’s day!

Today I am coming home from work with a nice stack of new goodies! Now if you don’t already know, I am working at a bookstore here in Norway, a manager actually! It’s in the airport where it’s buzzing with life all day long.

So, to get to the point, I’ll show you each of the books I got today! I’ll start with the ones in English:

The circle by Dave Eggers


Now, I don’t know much about this book, it just sounded interesting and dystopian, yet it’s kinda spot on how society is today. It’s about a company called “The Circle”which is the world’s most powerful internet company, in a world where the internet is pretty much everything and controlling every aspect of our lives. Mae Holland lands a job there and she soon starts to uncover the darker sides.
I think at least. That’s what I got from reading the short summary on the back!

The unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


Now this one I am really curious about! I’ve seen and heard a few reviews of this, from instagram and booktubers! Basically it’s about Mara Dyer who almost dies and then starts foreseeing other peoples deaths…?
I’m so sucky at closely reading the blurb on the back of books and I don’t even have it close by right now. But anyways, excited about this!

12 years a slave by Solomon Northup



Now this one needs no further introduction. This is going to be powerful and strong and then I’m going to watch the movie!!

These are all going in my TBR JAR! Yay!!

Now on to the Norwegian part of the haul. All of these were FREE, sent to me by the publishers! THANK YOU!!

Casanovasyndromet (The Casanova syndrome) and Best når det gjelder (Best when it matters) by Øystein Wiik from Aschehoug publisher

20140508_172727 20140508_172703


Now this guy is pretty awesome. He’s an author and opera singer and a motivational speaker! And he tends to sing out the plots of his books at releases. How awesome is that. 😀

“The Casanova syndrome” is a crime and I don’t know much about it except it takes place in Venice (Italy) mostly, and if you know me you’ll know my heart and soul belongs in Venice.<3

“Best when it matters” is a kind of self-help book, where he teaches you methods to succeed and be good enough in everything you do. Mental training, that sort of thing. No I haven’t studied the backside of it that closely. As usual.

Medici-speilet (The Medici mirror) by Melissa Bailey from Vigmostad & Bjørke publisher 


So excited about this one! I’ve looked at it before, in the English version, but now that I got the Norwegian one for free I’ll happily settle for that! I LOVE the Medici dynasty, I love everything that is even remotely Italian and mysterious and historical so YAAAAY for this!

En dame med sykkel i Kashgar (A lady cyclist’s guide to Kashgar) by Suzanne Joinsson from Vigmostad og Bjørke publisher



I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know much about this one. I just picked it up because it looked interesting…! It’s about a girl on a bike, a travelling missionary in the 1920’s. And she starts to write this journal. And then about a lady in modern London, finding a strange man on her doorstep, right after receiving a letter from a deceased woman she doesn’t even know.

Yes, I know, I am sucky at explaining new books, trust me it’s a vice – not reading closely on the back! But when I’ve read them I’ll be more than happy (and able) to give a good review and description! Promise!! 😀

Do drop me a note if you’ve read any of these books, maybe you can fill out the gaping holes in my descriptions. And answer the poll! Fun fun! 😀





Hi there, so yes, this is supposed to be my bookblog. To be fair, I have tried to blog in the past, but no one really stuck. But that has to change! Cause I don’t think I’ll ever dare to make my own booktube, who wants my face and my voice on camera! Yish!!
GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE DODO shall stick! Promise!

Let’s start off with the basics. I have a house. (Thank God) Even better: I have a library! Let me give you a quick tour!

Okay so this was supposed to be a video. I suck at this. But anyways, this is just a corner of my library! The best corner!! I’m not just a book-reader, I’m also a book-collector. Big time. Addicted. Unable to stop. Don’t wanna.

Yes! So! Do you you have a library in your home? Do tell!




I’m currently reading The universe versus Alex Woods and it keep referring to Kurt Vonnegut, so I had to check it out! I found six books, but I’m starting with Slaughterhouse 5. The other one, Rags & Bones, I just bought because it caught my eye with some big authors and the fact that these authors have “re-written” the good old stories we known from our childhoods in to some twisted, darker stories like no other. Can’t wait!
They both will go in to my TBR-jar!


Now, that’s all I have for now, I would love it if you left me note! I need all the boost I can get to keep this blogging up! 😉

(Oh by the way, there are links to the books in the titles…it just doesn’t show, even when you hold the cursor over it…)