Hi there, so yes, this is supposed to be my bookblog. To be fair, I have tried to blog in the past, but no one really stuck. But that has to change! Cause I don’t think I’ll ever dare to make my own booktube, who wants my face and my voice on camera! Yish!!
GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE DODO shall stick! Promise!

Let’s start off with the basics. I have a house. (Thank God) Even better: I have a library! Let me give you a quick tour!

Okay so this was supposed to be a video. I suck at this. But anyways, this is just a corner of my library! The best corner!! I’m not just a book-reader, I’m also a book-collector. Big time. Addicted. Unable to stop. Don’t wanna.

Yes! So! Do you you have a library in your home? Do tell!




I’m currently reading The universe versus Alex Woods and it keep referring to Kurt Vonnegut, so I had to check it out! I found six books, but I’m starting with Slaughterhouse 5. The other one, Rags & Bones, I just bought because it caught my eye with some big authors and the fact that these authors have “re-written” the good old stories we known from our childhoods in to some twisted, darker stories like no other. Can’t wait!
They both will go in to my TBR-jar!


Now, that’s all I have for now, I would love it if you left me note! I need all the boost I can get to keep this blogging up! 😉

(Oh by the way, there are links to the books in the titles…it just doesn’t show, even when you hold the cursor over it…)




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