Thursday book haul!!

Hello everyone and happy Thor’s day!

Today I am coming home from work with a nice stack of new goodies! Now if you don’t already know, I am working at a bookstore here in Norway, a manager actually! It’s in the airport where it’s buzzing with life all day long.

So, to get to the point, I’ll show you each of the books I got today! I’ll start with the ones in English:

The circle by Dave Eggers


Now, I don’t know much about this book, it just sounded interesting and dystopian, yet it’s kinda spot on how society is today. It’s about a company called “The Circle”which is the world’s most powerful internet company, in a world where the internet is pretty much everything and controlling every aspect of our lives. Mae Holland lands a job there and she soon starts to uncover the darker sides.
I think at least. That’s what I got from reading the short summary on the back!

The unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


Now this one I am really curious about! I’ve seen and heard a few reviews of this, from instagram and booktubers! Basically it’s about Mara Dyer who almost dies and then starts foreseeing other peoples deaths…?
I’m so sucky at closely reading the blurb on the back of books and I don’t even have it close by right now. But anyways, excited about this!

12 years a slave by Solomon Northup



Now this one needs no further introduction. This is going to be powerful and strong and then I’m going to watch the movie!!

These are all going in my TBR JAR! Yay!!

Now on to the Norwegian part of the haul. All of these were FREE, sent to me by the publishers! THANK YOU!!

Casanovasyndromet (The Casanova syndrome) and Best når det gjelder (Best when it matters) by Øystein Wiik from Aschehoug publisher

20140508_172727 20140508_172703


Now this guy is pretty awesome. He’s an author and opera singer and a motivational speaker! And he tends to sing out the plots of his books at releases. How awesome is that. 😀

“The Casanova syndrome” is a crime and I don’t know much about it except it takes place in Venice (Italy) mostly, and if you know me you’ll know my heart and soul belongs in Venice.<3

“Best when it matters” is a kind of self-help book, where he teaches you methods to succeed and be good enough in everything you do. Mental training, that sort of thing. No I haven’t studied the backside of it that closely. As usual.

Medici-speilet (The Medici mirror) by Melissa Bailey from Vigmostad & Bjørke publisher 


So excited about this one! I’ve looked at it before, in the English version, but now that I got the Norwegian one for free I’ll happily settle for that! I LOVE the Medici dynasty, I love everything that is even remotely Italian and mysterious and historical so YAAAAY for this!

En dame med sykkel i Kashgar (A lady cyclist’s guide to Kashgar) by Suzanne Joinsson from Vigmostad og Bjørke publisher



I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know much about this one. I just picked it up because it looked interesting…! It’s about a girl on a bike, a travelling missionary in the 1920’s. And she starts to write this journal. And then about a lady in modern London, finding a strange man on her doorstep, right after receiving a letter from a deceased woman she doesn’t even know.

Yes, I know, I am sucky at explaining new books, trust me it’s a vice – not reading closely on the back! But when I’ve read them I’ll be more than happy (and able) to give a good review and description! Promise!! 😀

Do drop me a note if you’ve read any of these books, maybe you can fill out the gaping holes in my descriptions. And answer the poll! Fun fun! 😀





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