Review: The universe versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

Well hello everyone! Again! Today! (Don’t expect this to be common. Two posts a day? Beginners frenzy!!)

Tonight I am bringing you my first review here on GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE DODO-blog! Yay!
First of all: my rating system: I rate in dodo’s. Yup. 1 dodo: DID NOT LIKE IT! 5 dodo’s: BLOODY LOVED IT!!
Quite simple, ey?
I’ve read this book Image on behalf of the Norwegian publisher, Bastion. They will be publishing this in…september…? I think…?
Well anyways, this didn’t really do it for me. Up until the last 5 or so chapters. It got to…geeky and sciency for me, I guess. Clearly anyone calling it “sciency” is not smart enough to catch the depth in this book. Hah.
I had to add the audiobook just over halfway, to get in to it or I would’ve just put it away. And it helped! (THANK YOU for being the best audio store I’ve ever come across!)
Like I said, the last 5 or so chapters I felt that the author made the characters come more alive as feeling humans and not intellectual beings and I even shed a tear towards the end. It all of a sudden became a strong experience, what Mr. Peterson and Alex went through together. It became that unlikely friendship that ended in something amazingly strong and unbreakable. I loved how these two ended up changing the other one and basically making them better persons.

And yes, I am now sitting here listening to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major. If you’ve read the book you understand why.

Link to goodreads review: The universe versus Alex Woods on Goodreads 

Number of DODO’s: 3.5 (ugh, that’s gonna be messy!) ImageImage Image halfadodo2 See? Not very pleasant…
Read month: May


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