A lovely author’s note and the last book haul.

Well hello everyone and welcome back! And I sincerely mean that as I see I’ve gained 291 followers basically over night! WHAT IS WORDS! I love you all and now I truly promise to keep this blog up and running!

Well, first of all I’m going to have to tell you all about the most amazing thing that happened today!
So I was supposed to go to this huge event tonight, at one of Norway’s biggest publishing houses and at this “summer party” as they call it, the ever awesome Marisha Pessl was going to make an appearance! Yay! But then I found out today I couldn’t go after all…buh…
When I was down in our storage room, at the airport where my bookstore is, I came to talking with a colleague from our biggest bookstore on the inside of the security point (mine is at arrivals) and she told me “Oh, I was supposed to bring you a note! An english couple was asking for you!” I got all curious, of course, but she didn’t know who it was because she didn’t speak with them directly.
Curiosity got the better of me so I hurried up to their store and there I was handed a little handwritten note….from Marisha Pessl


*crying* *squealing* *flailing* I just couldn’t grasp that she had been to the store, asked for me and then left this lovely note! I haven’t talked to her that much, except for a few sentences and that was only through instagram and LOOK! Look what this beauty left me! Yes, I know it’s just a note but STILL. For ME!
So that kept me going for the rest of the day! Thank you Marisha!


And then….Dumduuuum…I made a promise on the way home.
‘Tis said. I swore that, since I have a 500-odd books in my shelves and kindle that I have NOT read yet, I will not buy a book for the next four months! No more money-spendin’ here! (Gifts are TOTALLY COOL by the way…just…so you know. Just leaving this here.)
So, September 14th may you come fast.

So these are the last two books I’ve bought for myself!


This is the first book in the Waterfire saga; Deep blue by Jennifer Donnelly. It’s all mermaids! Yay! It’s about a girl called Serafina who is about to be married, but she is haunted by strange dreams of the return of an ancient evil and soon her city is stormed by assassins. And a big quest ensues! It is set in the oceans of our planet, even with a world map and the names of the six mermaid oceans. I’ve heard great things about this from the booktuber benjaminoftomes (Click on the link, he’s a total cutiepie you should follow him.) and yes, so that make me super curious! And I love mermaids!

And look what the dust cover is hiding!!



Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
This one is about Humbert, a middle-aged college professor. He falls outrageously in lust (!) with his landlady’s twelve-year old daughter, Dolores. He’s obsessed and he’ll do anything, even commit crime, to possess his Lolita. But when she belongs to him, once he has got what he wants, what next? And how long is Lolita willing to be possessed?



This just fascinated me and it’s also a story I’m familiar with as it’s basically a classic by now. It’s an old book (1955 I think), published in Great Britain in 1959. It’s also a movie starring Jeremy Irons and Jeremy Irons rock so check that one out too!

And there you have it! A very eventful day indeed!

Until next time friends; don’t let the dodo get you.


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