Review: John Carter; A princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs * TBR jar draw #2

Well hello everyone! So I just read this:

Now I know this is the ultimate pulpy science fiction meets classic romance-book of ALL. And I know that this one is probably measured up to every book that followed.
Yet I got bored. Yup, I actually got so bored that I, just over half way, switched to the audiobook (Again, I know, but is amazing!!) I think the whole diary-telling way of writing is not for me. It’s just a one-sided storytelling and well, not digging it all too much.
This is written in 1911 so I guess one can’t measure it up to all the modern books we read today. Don’t get me wrong, it is a really good story! It’s such a classic tale of aliens, manly, macho heroes and scantily clad princesses and fights for freedom and love. There is no doubt that the focus is the two stereotypes; butch men and fainting women. Right? Well, maybe except Sola, but she is a GREEN MARTIAN.
And then there’s Woola. I love me some Woola. That dog (well I use DOG very loosely) is the truest of all forms on Mars; loyal, friendly, deadly and honest. That guy will follow you to the end of planet, as long as you don’t beat him up, as the green martians tend to do with their “pets”. To me Woola is the hero in this book!!

I did finish it, reading along to the audible at times and especially the last two chapters, which left me frozen in anxiety. And the last two lines of the book; UGH it made me cry! Those last two chapters made this a four-star book instead of my initial three, because that is exactly the kind of ending of the first book in a series needs to have.

This is also the recipe for a classic Disney-movie, so I get that they made…a movie… ūüôā Which I’ve seen the start and end of, but not in it’s entirety. I will now! (Just wish they followed the book more…like the ending.)

Number of dodo’s: 4¬†Image¬†¬†Image¬†ImageImage


My second TBR jar draw!!

Well, I say jar, I mean box. It’s so sad I know, I am horrible, but that’s beside the point! Here it my draw!!


Sophie Hannah – The other woman’s house. This is a physiological thriller. That’s all I know. Have you read it?? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time fellow reader!




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