Library clean-up and giveaways

So I’ve made a pretty daring decision. I’m going to box up the books in my library that I will never read. Because, I’m afraid to admit, there are some that I PROBABLY never will read. That’s addiction for ya, you bring home freebie-books and buy in blindness. That’s how it goes. It probably started out with me wanting to read or being curious, but when I now see the amount of books that stand unread I have to look it straight in the eye and admit to myself; it’s not going to happen. When I have so many books to choose from I won’t go for the least interesting ones.

I’ve already packed two boxes, which is pretty rad, when it comes to me! I’m bringing home a second box today, basically forcing me to take another look through the shelves. A lot of Norwegian books has to go, I am still to much in love with my English books and in those shelves I have more I want to read on a much higher level than the Norwegian ones!

I’m planning to give them all away to someone and somewhere I know they will be loved, because that is quite an important part of this. Where do you think I should deliver my books? 
My options are:
2nd hand bookstore
Hospital libraries
Retirement homes
Friends (but that’s going to take ages)
Selling them online

My favorite must be hospital libraries. My mom has done that a few times and they all get super-excited when they get books as they can’t buy many themselves!
Please leave me a comment and tell me if you have any good options for what I can do with my books! 🙂


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