Genre(s) I can’t cope with. And my major addiction problem

Well hello everyone and welcome to yet another (random) blogpost!

So, if you remember, in my second TBR draw I drew Sophie Hannah’s “The other woman’s house”, or, as I later found out “Lasting damage” which apparently is the same book, which I also had…was just a complete BORE. It started out with a weird, yet original plot, but it drooooooned on and on about things that had nothing to do with the plot and people that was just a waste of tiiiiime. I got bored. So I didn’t finish it. Main character having a long fight with her parents? Nope, don’t need it, not relevant.

Total number of dodo’s: NONE cause that’s not fair to an unfinished book…

Which brings me to my next topic! Genres I don’t like. Crime. Pure, simple, straight up, typical crime. I see enough of those shows on TV I don’t need them in book-form as well. I think, for the most part, that is the one genre I can’t deal with at all.



So I totally fell of the wagon. Yup. I am admitting it, I am a complete book-junkie! What was my sworn oath again? Ah yes, do not buy a single book for myself for four months. I cracked. (See, this is why I have a wish-list on amazon, people! :D)
In my defense, two of these books I had ordered before I made my promise, so those are cool, right….right??


(Wow, I did not crop that picture at all…)
So, now, this is even more stupid. I had already bought “Shatter me” on Kindle, but when this arrived at my store I realized IT’S A FLOPPY BOOK and GAWD how I love floppy books! You know, not that stiff, unbendable cover but a proper, jiggly, floppy book! So I had to have it. Naturally.  “Vicious” I’ve seen and heard people raving about on instagram and booktubers. Superheroes. Done and done!

And then I fell of the wagon AGAIN. Today.



(Wow did not crop that picture either..!)


Now this is apparently a children’s book, but it’s supposed to be THAT good that everyone, even us old people, are loving it! I got too intrigued for my own good and did a spontaneous buy. Have anyone read this? Do let me know in the comments!

And, since I didn’t finish Sophie Hannah I had to do another TBR draw! Here’s the vid from instagram via youtube! 




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