Another…book haul….? EXCUSE me??


Okay, OKAY! I realize that I am the weakest person in the galaxy right now. Didn’t I JUST make a post about a certain book buying ban?? Yup…yup I did.

But here’s my explanation!! I – technically – didn’t buy these myself! my husband did! Well…he paid for them. Or WILL pay for them. Just as soon as my next paycheck comes, where my work will have pulled the money for these books out and I can transfer his money to my account to balance this out. K?? 😀 No but seriously, he’s paying for these. We just took advantage of my discount at work, which pulls the money out of my paycheck.

So, enough excuses and explaining! Let’s dive right in to the haul, shall we?? (First of all  I would like to blame my husband for finding them and shoving them in my face saying YOU’LL LOVE THIS ONE!!)

(Yes I am totally normal)
The invisible library & The masked city by Genevieve Cogman

So I’ve never heard about Genevieve Cogman or these books before, but they look amazingly interesting! We have a female heroine in an alternative Victorian London. Irene is a professional spy for the Library, which harvest fiction from different realities.
K, game, set and match. We have supernatural creatures, time travel, magic and a enigmatic assistant by the name of Kai with a secret of his own.
I was especially sold on these books when I read on the back of the second book, The masked city, which takes Irene to Venice. An alternate, dark Venice. And I don’t care if it’s a sunken Venice, if it’s Venice I want in!! I’ve long ago left my heart (and past life) in Venice and will buy anything that takes place there.

(…I’m actually able to creep myself out…)
Dragon Fall & Dragon Storm by Katie MacAlister

Another set of Guilty Pleasure books!!
But LOOK – men with dragon tattoos! And it gets better! Men that can TURN IN TO DRAGONS!
So Aoife (PLEASE tell me how that’s pronounced?? That is the worst name I’ve ever encountered!) is witness to a supernatural murder and that has consequences for her future existence. She meets a wise-cracking demon dog and a (prepare thyself) GLORIOUSLY NAKED MAN who can shift in to a dragon and kiss like a god. Who goes by the name Kostya. Another….”great” name.

Seriously. Aoife. How.

The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher

My husband bought this mainly to himself but…it’s me. No book slips by me.
This is also a fantasy book, which also takes place in London. The Oversight is a secret society that polices the lines between the mundane and the magic. They used to have hundreds of members but not they can be tallied on one hand. Until a screaming girl is taken to the Oversight. Her appearance is quite the puzzle to the remaining  guardians and they must solve it or lose each other and their society for good.
We haev witch-hunters, magicians, mirror-walkers and unlikely heroes and a society that can make or break our entire world. I’M SO THERE.

Okay now. NOW the book buying ban is SO official. And I will stop writing in caps.



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