Review: Curse of the Sphinx


Curse of the sphinx
Author: Raye Wagner
Published: August 2015
Rating: dodododododododo dodoout of 5 DODO’s! ❤

Yes. Everything yes!

Greek mythology as a belief and religion will never stop being awesome. A world, our world, with knowledge and faith in  Gods like Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes and Hades is exactly what Raye Wagner has created in CURSE OF THE SPHINX.
We meet some of the Gods in the beginning of the story and we meet the children of the Gods, Demigods, whom walk the earth with us, like normal kids. We also meet monsters and creatures not of our world.
Hope is a sphinx and she is considered a monster.

The sphinx varies in physical features, but is almost always a composite of two or more animals, and some versions are part-human part-animal.
In Greek mythology it is a winged lion with a woman’s head, or a woman with the paws, claws, and breasts of a lion, a serpent’s tail and eagle wings.

The story kicks of pretty dramatically and though it may seem a spoiler, it’s really not. Everyone is mentioning it in their reviews. 😀 Hope’s mother is killed and, after moving around her entire life Hope now starts to question her constant running.

The dead they escorted always cried. From the time of death until their delivery to Hades, tears dripped and trickled from they grief-stricken eyes.
(Source: Curse of the Sphinx)

Now that her mother is dead she wants answers, but doesn’t really know what to do or where to get them. When she settles in a small town life seems to be calming down, with a new school, new friends and even a hot looking, mysterious boy with his eyes on her.

But she’s still the Sphinx and she still needs to do the monthly change in to the winged creature, but something malevolent lurks in the shadows.

“Skia?” The shadows of Hades didn’t kill monsters, did they?
(Source: Curse of the Sphinx)

This story is absolutely AMAZING. It’s for fans of Percy Jackson, absolutely, but for the little older! 🙂 It’s a YA, but even my 32 year old heart was extremely in to this story. I absolutely LOVE worlds with Gods of other mythology and the way they are incorporated in to our beliefs is fascinating and intriguing. Raye Wagner has managed to do this so effortlessly and has made it believable and real.

“The Gods don’t fix problems. They make bigger ones.”
(Source: Curse of the Sphinx)

She created our heroine, Hope to be strong and different but also young and scared, without making these traits crash. Hope is a teenager, with no friends because of their constant moving and with the worries and fears most teenagers has. But, her knowledge and strength in her Sphinx heritage shines through when it needs to.
The story has a great flow and Wagner introduces a good handful of different characters and none of them falters in their individuality. Even the butcher is a character I can relate to and see clearly for my inner eye and not one of them is forgotten at the end of the book. That’s a trait I really appreciate; characters, both big and small, are given the right amount of characteristics and personality that makes them believable. Even Krista. Yep. 😀

Hope glanced at her classmates. Most of them would live their entire lives believing the gods had withdrawn from humanity, with the exception of the occasional demigod offspring.
(Source: Curse of the Sphinx)

THANK YOU Raye, for letting me read and review this book, I knew it wasn’t a mistake, after seeing all the wonderful reviews on youtube and instagram! 🙂

To all the Norwegian publishers: Peel your hands off whatever you’re holding on to and grab for this. Quickly!!


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