Review: The oldest living vampire tells all


The oldest living vampire tells all
Author: Joseph Duncan
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Number of dodo’s: dodododododododododo /5


Now, this story fascinated me based solely on the excerpt. A vampire – sure, we’ve heard the stories before, but a vampire 30.000 years old?? Gimme!!
This is a fascinating autobiography by Gon, a Cro Magnon human from paleolithic Germany, quite literally some 30.000 years ago. Duncan writes with such a sure hand I quite instantly feel I’m being talked to by this ancient, ancient being. He starts his story with a slight distain towards the modern man, drawing both parallels and differences between “us” and “his people”. He tells us of his childhood, their ways, beliefs and mating rituals. Even though we don’t know much about these early Homo sapiens sapiens I did feel this was all accurate. Some things felt strange, of course and I don’t know how much research was done beforehand, but it was absolutely fascinating.

It’s a staggering novel. Duncan has a unique storyteller-voice and for the first time I honestly felt like I was being talked to directly by the main character instead of the main character writing in a journal for example.
Gon is alive right in front of my eyes and, even though, there were parts that had me sighing a little bit with repetition I was enthralled from start to finish.
Like I said above he goes through all the “human” parts of his life. All the every day stuff. Hunting, living, loving, mating, rearing children and having council. The story turns dark faster and faster as an unknown being, a demon, hunts there fellow dwellers close by and they have to head out and find and kill this demon. The kills are savage and described with a crude tough. Nothing is left to the imagination. And I guess that’s what Duncan has become famous for.

The darkest point is absolutely when Gon is turned. I will not say to much about that other than you shouldn’t be weak at heart or stomach.

It’s amazing. Truly amazing. Duncan has created a world and a character so vividly and so real that I am hard pressed to think Gon in anything but real.

If you’re in to vampires (and NOT the teenaged, blue-eyed, lovey-dovey kind mind you) you need to read this. For me it’s a breath of fresh air! Sort of speak.