Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas


Title: Throne of Glass. Book 1  in the Throne of Glass series
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Number of Dodo’s: dodododododododo/5

Throne of Glass is a fantasy book for young adult, but I’d say it’s pretty high up there and even I, with my 32 years, really enjoyed this book.
It took me some time to get through this book. There was probably many reasons for that and one was that it is A LOT of story packed in to one small book. And I grew a bit tired of that for a while, there was just so many things going on at once I just wasn’t able to keep up or keep focused on it.
But when I picked it up again I found that I really couldn’t put it down! There is a continuing high level of action going on and Maas has balanced this out very nicely.

The first hint of this being a YA was the ever-present love triangle. I’m sorry but could we get a book that DOESN’T have a love triangle? Maybe not even a love interest? Just an ass-kicking, fierce, bad ass heroine who’s here to kick ass and take names? Chaol and Dorian…Guard and Prince. Ugh, sure I loved them both (even though there were both AMAZINGLY ANNOYING) and all that, but I did not see them having anything major to do with the plot. (SPOILER HEAD! I mean, Dorian didn’t even do anything in the final fight even though he wanted to because he loved Celaena….so this love interest made no sense)
Just DON’T.

I can totally see the potensial for this series and I do own the rest of the books and I am going to read them, just…not right now.

I loved Celaena. She had the perfect amount of ass-kicking assassin attitude and ladylike grace and beauty. She’s not giving it away at the door but she’s not stone cold either. She’s a flawed, hurt human being with a dark, painful past. It’s clear that her past is something to be brought up later and that her heritage even, can be questioned after reading this book.

If you like fantasy (even epic fantasy) and a good doze of YA you can safely read this book. 🙂


Disclaimer: If this review sucks it’s only because I had the worst, most shitty day yesterday and I’m currently blasting Imagine Dragons, sitting in a huge hoodie and planning my next sugary high to indulge in and cry. Peace out.



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