Behind closed doors – B A Paris


Behind closed doors – B A Paris
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Number of Dodo’s: dodododododododododo/5

This book is CHILLING! It’s low-key and straight forward in such a icy cold way I honestly think ya’ll should check if B A Paris has bars on her windows or a basement which doesn’t open from the inside. 😛 Check on her husband please! 😀

Let’s just make this clear: this book is about more than just domestic violence. It’s about a man so twisted and (pardon the french) so fucked up he’s so much more than just a violator. He’s manipulative,sadistic and slick. It’s about a woman who meets the man of her dreams, a lawyer, gorgeous and a gentleman whom has NO idea how horrible and how detailed his plans for her are.

It varies between the past and the present and the story knits perfectly together, even though its goes back and forth quite a lot. I found this way of writing quite ingenious towards the end – you’re seeing the result before you see the actual doing, but you’re never quite sure IF or HOW..!

Paris is a BRILLIANT writer and she’s touched a field of literature I haven’t seen or heard before all that much. She has so perfectly transported herself in to the head of a psychopathic genius and at the same time has such perfect control of the victim.

One thing is for sure: there are more than one kind of domestic abuser.
Actually, two things are for sure…





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