Kitty-series by Carrie Vaughn

So I’ve been slacking in the blogging department, haven’t I.
Well, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump, so I can’t excuse it in any other way! Not reading = not reviewing.

But, I’m slowly getting back in to it and I have (again) decided to start from the very top of my first bookshelf (of…I dunno…10?) and I have just finished reading “Kitty and the midnight hour” by Carrie Vaughn.


I’ve read this one before, a long time ago, but it was the first one on my shelf, so… 😀 And I kinda needed to reread it, since I need to read the rest of the series!
It’s a great urban fantasy, with all the stuff, vampires and werewolves and whatnot. I’ll give it: dodododododododo/5

I’m currently reading the follow-up “Kitty goes to Washington”. I’m not sure what it is, but this happened the first time I tried reading it too, but I just get so distracted. Is it just not catching? Is it repetitive? I don’t know. I’m just having a hard time getting in to the story. None of the characters are really sticking out or sticking to my BRAIN in any way. Not yet at least. I’m really not getting a sense of anyone. Not Alette (was that her name?) or Leo the were…something. Or was Leo the other guy. SEE??
But I’m not giving up. I love Kitty and I love Carrie Vaughn. 🙂 It could just as easily be just this one book and the rest is great, like the first one! I’m sticking it out!! 😀



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