Who am I?

Well, this dodo is no one special. Just a book-geek!

My name is Trine, or Tess as many call me. Except Norwegian people. Norwegian people are boring like that. I’m 32 years young and, as you’ve figured, from Norway. I work in heaven on earth, which means a BOOKSTORE!! I’ve been working at the airport since 2011 and can’t really imagine any other job.

This blog will contain probably the same as you’ll find in a booktube, except my derp face and voice. Bookhauls, reviews, currently reading, news, daily bloggy stuff…

Now don’t be shy! Drop me a line, leave a comment, anything! I’d love to hear from you and find out what YOU like to read!


Le princess…


Find me on Instagram: trine_book.tempest
Find the fangirl-me on Tumblr: loki-stolethetardis-fromhiddles.tumblr.com

For authors or publishers, please email me at: trine.hagen.fredriksen@hotmail.com


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