Sorcery for beginners – Matt Harry


Sorcery for beginners
by Matt Harry (and also Euphemia Whitmore!)
Pages: 403
Publisher: InkShares

Number of dodo’s: dodododododododododo/5

I never thought I wanted a book that combined the atmosphere of Harry Potter, the magical touch of Doctor Strange and the humor and excitement of Percy Jackson until I picked up Sorcery for beginners.
While it gives the clear resemblance to all these different literary worlds, Matt Harry has finally tuned in to a field of YA literature I – personally – have been missing. He has created a world unique enough to be a hit while still familiar enough to slake many readers thirsts after more magic.
Sorcery for beginners is unique in itself. It’s both a story about a young boy who, a little accidentally, stumbles in to the world of magic and sorcery, but it is also literally a guide to sorcery.
Wanna learn some magic? Get this book.
Wanna do fancy hand movements, say mysterious magical words? Get this book.

All while learning to become a kickass sorcerer you will get to know Owen, the aforementioned kid who stumbles in to a book store and finds himself in the mids of a centuries-long war between the world of sorcerers and Euclideans, a group of anti-magic mercenaries.
So, if you’re a kid, you’re handed an ancient book of magic and told you’ve been recruited to fight in said war, what do you do? Well, Owen feels a little lost, understandably, but what can he do? Sit back, play video games and keep telling himself he will never amount to anything in life? Or give magic a fair chance to win, keep the Sorcery for beginners book safe and stop power hungry maniacs from destroying the world? But also stop the school’s worst bully. But that’s beside the point. Ahem.
Read it and find out for yourself!
Personally I loved it. Loved it! It was everything I hoped it would be and everything I’ve been missing. It has humor and action, funny and informative side notes, pages with spells, pages with illustrations, and characters you grow to love. And other you hate. With a passion. (Because they’re asshats.)

Now, there’s just a few things I want. Mr. Harry, take notes!
One: I want a sequel. Immediately.
Two: I want a movie. Presently.
Three: I want my learners permit. STAT.
Chop chop!


Get your copy of Sorcery for beginners right NOW:




Behind closed doors – B A Paris


Behind closed doors – B A Paris
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Number of Dodo’s: dodododododododododo/5

This book is CHILLING! It’s low-key and straight forward in such a icy cold way I honestly think ya’ll should check if B A Paris has bars on her windows or a basement which doesn’t open from the inside. 😛 Check on her husband please! 😀

Let’s just make this clear: this book is about more than just domestic violence. It’s about a man so twisted and (pardon the french) so fucked up he’s so much more than just a violator. He’s manipulative,sadistic and slick. It’s about a woman who meets the man of her dreams, a lawyer, gorgeous and a gentleman whom has NO idea how horrible and how detailed his plans for her are.

It varies between the past and the present and the story knits perfectly together, even though its goes back and forth quite a lot. I found this way of writing quite ingenious towards the end – you’re seeing the result before you see the actual doing, but you’re never quite sure IF or HOW..!

Paris is a BRILLIANT writer and she’s touched a field of literature I haven’t seen or heard before all that much. She has so perfectly transported herself in to the head of a psychopathic genius and at the same time has such perfect control of the victim.

One thing is for sure: there are more than one kind of domestic abuser.
Actually, two things are for sure…




Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas


Title: Throne of Glass. Book 1  in the Throne of Glass series
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Number of Dodo’s: dodododododododo/5

Throne of Glass is a fantasy book for young adult, but I’d say it’s pretty high up there and even I, with my 32 years, really enjoyed this book.
It took me some time to get through this book. There was probably many reasons for that and one was that it is A LOT of story packed in to one small book. And I grew a bit tired of that for a while, there was just so many things going on at once I just wasn’t able to keep up or keep focused on it.
But when I picked it up again I found that I really couldn’t put it down! There is a continuing high level of action going on and Maas has balanced this out very nicely.

The first hint of this being a YA was the ever-present love triangle. I’m sorry but could we get a book that DOESN’T have a love triangle? Maybe not even a love interest? Just an ass-kicking, fierce, bad ass heroine who’s here to kick ass and take names? Chaol and Dorian…Guard and Prince. Ugh, sure I loved them both (even though there were both AMAZINGLY ANNOYING) and all that, but I did not see them having anything major to do with the plot. (SPOILER HEAD! I mean, Dorian didn’t even do anything in the final fight even though he wanted to because he loved Celaena….so this love interest made no sense)
Just DON’T.

I can totally see the potensial for this series and I do own the rest of the books and I am going to read them, just…not right now.

I loved Celaena. She had the perfect amount of ass-kicking assassin attitude and ladylike grace and beauty. She’s not giving it away at the door but she’s not stone cold either. She’s a flawed, hurt human being with a dark, painful past. It’s clear that her past is something to be brought up later and that her heritage even, can be questioned after reading this book.

If you like fantasy (even epic fantasy) and a good doze of YA you can safely read this book. 🙂


Disclaimer: If this review sucks it’s only because I had the worst, most shitty day yesterday and I’m currently blasting Imagine Dragons, sitting in a huge hoodie and planning my next sugary high to indulge in and cry. Peace out.


Review: The oldest living vampire tells all


The oldest living vampire tells all
Author: Joseph Duncan
Bought for Kindle at
Number of dodo’s: dodododododododododo /5


Now, this story fascinated me based solely on the excerpt. A vampire – sure, we’ve heard the stories before, but a vampire 30.000 years old?? Gimme!!
This is a fascinating autobiography by Gon, a Cro Magnon human from paleolithic Germany, quite literally some 30.000 years ago. Duncan writes with such a sure hand I quite instantly feel I’m being talked to by this ancient, ancient being. He starts his story with a slight distain towards the modern man, drawing both parallels and differences between “us” and “his people”. He tells us of his childhood, their ways, beliefs and mating rituals. Even though we don’t know much about these early Homo sapiens sapiens I did feel this was all accurate. Some things felt strange, of course and I don’t know how much research was done beforehand, but it was absolutely fascinating.

It’s a staggering novel. Duncan has a unique storyteller-voice and for the first time I honestly felt like I was being talked to directly by the main character instead of the main character writing in a journal for example.
Gon is alive right in front of my eyes and, even though, there were parts that had me sighing a little bit with repetition I was enthralled from start to finish.
Like I said above he goes through all the “human” parts of his life. All the every day stuff. Hunting, living, loving, mating, rearing children and having council. The story turns dark faster and faster as an unknown being, a demon, hunts there fellow dwellers close by and they have to head out and find and kill this demon. The kills are savage and described with a crude tough. Nothing is left to the imagination. And I guess that’s what Duncan has become famous for.

The darkest point is absolutely when Gon is turned. I will not say to much about that other than you shouldn’t be weak at heart or stomach.

It’s amazing. Truly amazing. Duncan has created a world and a character so vividly and so real that I am hard pressed to think Gon in anything but real.

If you’re in to vampires (and NOT the teenaged, blue-eyed, lovey-dovey kind mind you) you need to read this. For me it’s a breath of fresh air! Sort of speak.


Review: Curse of the Sphinx


Curse of the sphinx
Author: Raye Wagner
Published: August 2015
Rating: dodododododododo dodoout of 5 DODO’s! ❤

Yes. Everything yes!

Greek mythology as a belief and religion will never stop being awesome. A world, our world, with knowledge and faith in  Gods like Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes and Hades is exactly what Raye Wagner has created in CURSE OF THE SPHINX.
We meet some of the Gods in the beginning of the story and we meet the children of the Gods, Demigods, whom walk the earth with us, like normal kids. We also meet monsters and creatures not of our world.
Hope is a sphinx and she is considered a monster.

The sphinx varies in physical features, but is almost always a composite of two or more animals, and some versions are part-human part-animal.
In Greek mythology it is a winged lion with a woman’s head, or a woman with the paws, claws, and breasts of a lion, a serpent’s tail and eagle wings.

The story kicks of pretty dramatically and though it may seem a spoiler, it’s really not. Everyone is mentioning it in their reviews. 😀 Hope’s mother is killed and, after moving around her entire life Hope now starts to question her constant running.

The dead they escorted always cried. From the time of death until their delivery to Hades, tears dripped and trickled from they grief-stricken eyes.
(Source: Curse of the Sphinx)

Now that her mother is dead she wants answers, but doesn’t really know what to do or where to get them. When she settles in a small town life seems to be calming down, with a new school, new friends and even a hot looking, mysterious boy with his eyes on her.

But she’s still the Sphinx and she still needs to do the monthly change in to the winged creature, but something malevolent lurks in the shadows.

“Skia?” The shadows of Hades didn’t kill monsters, did they?
(Source: Curse of the Sphinx)

This story is absolutely AMAZING. It’s for fans of Percy Jackson, absolutely, but for the little older! 🙂 It’s a YA, but even my 32 year old heart was extremely in to this story. I absolutely LOVE worlds with Gods of other mythology and the way they are incorporated in to our beliefs is fascinating and intriguing. Raye Wagner has managed to do this so effortlessly and has made it believable and real.

“The Gods don’t fix problems. They make bigger ones.”
(Source: Curse of the Sphinx)

She created our heroine, Hope to be strong and different but also young and scared, without making these traits crash. Hope is a teenager, with no friends because of their constant moving and with the worries and fears most teenagers has. But, her knowledge and strength in her Sphinx heritage shines through when it needs to.
The story has a great flow and Wagner introduces a good handful of different characters and none of them falters in their individuality. Even the butcher is a character I can relate to and see clearly for my inner eye and not one of them is forgotten at the end of the book. That’s a trait I really appreciate; characters, both big and small, are given the right amount of characteristics and personality that makes them believable. Even Krista. Yep. 😀

Hope glanced at her classmates. Most of them would live their entire lives believing the gods had withdrawn from humanity, with the exception of the occasional demigod offspring.
(Source: Curse of the Sphinx)

THANK YOU Raye, for letting me read and review this book, I knew it wasn’t a mistake, after seeing all the wonderful reviews on youtube and instagram! 🙂

To all the Norwegian publishers: Peel your hands off whatever you’re holding on to and grab for this. Quickly!!

Maybe Someday – Colleen Hoover


Read in Norwegian.
Publisher: Gursli Berg
Original review in Norwegian:

UUUUUUUUGH what a range of emotions I went through with this book! I can’t grasp or  understand how Hoover made it through the writing process!

In “Maybe Someday” we meet Sydney, who become unwilling (and then so very willingly) audience to Ridge, who sits on the balcony across the courtyard and plays guitar. She is captivated, both by him and the music. It becomes a regular routine; she goes out on her balcony and “does schoolwork,” whereas she actually sits and listens to Ridge and makes up her own lyrics to the tunes.
Then the worst thinkable happens. Sydney discovers that her boyfriend has had a longtime affair with her best friend and roommate, and suddenly she is standing outside in the rain with all her belongings and nowhere to stay. Ridge, which by then has been communicating with her via text messages, takes pity on her and allows her to stay with him and his roommates Warren and Bridgette. There’s quickly no doubt that the two are attracted to each other, but Sydney soon realizes that Ridge has not told her the whole truth about himself.
A “push and pull” game begins and no matter how hard they try to fight it, they need each other in more ways than one.

I’m a sucker for a good, classic love story, often with all the beautiful cliches and the well-known characters. But what I get from Colleen Hoover has all that – but also so much more!
Already on page 62 I received the first jaw drop. I did NOT see that one coming at all and that’s exactly what’s so wonderful about Hoover! She writes the classic love stories, but she weaves in twists and elements of surprise that makes the stories interesting! There were several such moments through the whole story and on top of that I was almost constantly on an emotional roller coaster. I was angry, sad, frustrated, hurt, angry, sad, remorseful, sorry, hurt, sad, happy, very happy. Roughly in that order. It has so many ups and downs that one almost fails to keep pace, but it does not seem strained or excessive. Hoover writes very beautifully and luckily this got very well handled in the translation! Hooray for Dorthe Erichsen, Hilde Lyng and Lisa Vasterås (MNO) !! It pleases me greatly to see that there are skilled translators out there, sadly there are many who are not. These three have managed to find the flow of the language without losing too much of the… well, language. 😀

The cherry on top here is the soundtrack that follows with it. Yep! Music to reading! Ridge is after all a musician and he writes music, and Hoover has collaborated with musician Griffin Peterson who has written an entire soundtrack to the book! During the book you come across lyrics and you listen to the song mentioned. It is done via an app or This book provides a second layer. A second dimension if you will. There’s so much beautiful music there! It really sets the mood for what happens in the book and everything is connected. 😉

Dear beautiful beings, enjoy this book if you like a good love story and some extra heart sorrow. This is amongst my favorites now! The same was “Ugly Love”, so it seems that I really like Colleen Hoover. She knows her stuff!

Another…book haul….? EXCUSE me??


Okay, OKAY! I realize that I am the weakest person in the galaxy right now. Didn’t I JUST make a post about a certain book buying ban?? Yup…yup I did.

But here’s my explanation!! I – technically – didn’t buy these myself! my husband did! Well…he paid for them. Or WILL pay for them. Just as soon as my next paycheck comes, where my work will have pulled the money for these books out and I can transfer his money to my account to balance this out. K?? 😀 No but seriously, he’s paying for these. We just took advantage of my discount at work, which pulls the money out of my paycheck.

So, enough excuses and explaining! Let’s dive right in to the haul, shall we?? (First of all  I would like to blame my husband for finding them and shoving them in my face saying YOU’LL LOVE THIS ONE!!)

(Yes I am totally normal)
The invisible library & The masked city by Genevieve Cogman

So I’ve never heard about Genevieve Cogman or these books before, but they look amazingly interesting! We have a female heroine in an alternative Victorian London. Irene is a professional spy for the Library, which harvest fiction from different realities.
K, game, set and match. We have supernatural creatures, time travel, magic and a enigmatic assistant by the name of Kai with a secret of his own.
I was especially sold on these books when I read on the back of the second book, The masked city, which takes Irene to Venice. An alternate, dark Venice. And I don’t care if it’s a sunken Venice, if it’s Venice I want in!! I’ve long ago left my heart (and past life) in Venice and will buy anything that takes place there.

(…I’m actually able to creep myself out…)
Dragon Fall & Dragon Storm by Katie MacAlister

Another set of Guilty Pleasure books!!
But LOOK – men with dragon tattoos! And it gets better! Men that can TURN IN TO DRAGONS!
So Aoife (PLEASE tell me how that’s pronounced?? That is the worst name I’ve ever encountered!) is witness to a supernatural murder and that has consequences for her future existence. She meets a wise-cracking demon dog and a (prepare thyself) GLORIOUSLY NAKED MAN who can shift in to a dragon and kiss like a god. Who goes by the name Kostya. Another….”great” name.

Seriously. Aoife. How.

The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher

My husband bought this mainly to himself but…it’s me. No book slips by me.
This is also a fantasy book, which also takes place in London. The Oversight is a secret society that polices the lines between the mundane and the magic. They used to have hundreds of members but not they can be tallied on one hand. Until a screaming girl is taken to the Oversight. Her appearance is quite the puzzle to the remaining  guardians and they must solve it or lose each other and their society for good.
We haev witch-hunters, magicians, mirror-walkers and unlikely heroes and a society that can make or break our entire world. I’M SO THERE.

Okay now. NOW the book buying ban is SO official. And I will stop writing in caps.


MARCH BOOK HAUL / Book Buying Ban!


Hello again, long time no see!

March may be in the early days, but I’ve done a big book haul already and have now, bravely, decided to go on a book buying ban. Length unknown! Because let’s face it. Me and book buying bans are NOT great friends. I’m addicted and I have a problem – I KNOW.
But, let’s at least give it a shot, eh?

So here is my MARCH book haul!
Let’s start with the Kindle books.

A darker shade of magic by V. E. Schwab

I’ve heard so many great things about this book and about Schwab (I actually follow her on Instagram) and I already have Vicious because of the same reasons, I just haven’t read it yet.
This is a book about magic and magicians and time travels between parallel universes. We meet Kell, who is a magician and he can travel between these parallel universes. We have Grey London, Red London, White London and there once was a Black London, but no one speaks of that anymore. Officially, Kell is an ambassador, traveling between the worlds as a messenger. But he’s also a smugler, doing favors for a fee between the ‘London’s’. Naturally, things will go awry for Kell and flees to Grey London where he meets Delilah Bard. Who robs him, saves him and then forces him to take her to another world.
I’ve heard this one being referred to as “fantasy for adults” and thank the lord for that, we need MORE of that and LESS of the YA fantasy genre! (I’m 32 mind you!) And while on that subject you should all read “The lies of Locke Lamorra” which is the last review I posted here! (The lies of Locke Lamora / review)
I’m really looking forward to this one, but I’m probably going to read Vicious first, since it’s been on my shelf the longest. 😉


This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp

I’ve seen this hauled and reviewed on booktube a lot and when I heard about it it peaked my interest in a different way than usual. This entire book takes place over just 54 minutes and it’s about a high school shooting. Now, that is not something one normally want to read about. There are enough of those almost on a weekly basis in the US. But maybe that’s why so many people have read it? Because we want a look into this terror and try to find some form of understanding as to why these horrors happen? I don’t know honestly.
What I do know is this: The students are in the auditorium at the start of the new semester. When they all get up to leave the doors won’t open. Then someone starts shooting. That’s just the first 5 minutes.


Wreckage by Emily Bleeker

Wreckage is about a plane crash where five people survive. After two years only Lillian and Dave are alive and rescued. The truth about how they survived is something dark and something they don’t want to talk about, so they fabricate a story and stick to it. Until a pretty headstrong journalist are set on figuring out what’s going on and what actually happened before they were rescued, because she’s not buying their story. And Lillian and Dave’s lie starts to fray at the edges, threatening to destroy everything they struggled so desperately to come home to.
Now this is the kind of mystery/thriller I can like! A dark secret that will (hopefully) eventually twist everything around and change the entire story drastically.

Adrift by K. R. Griffiths

Dan and Elaine are on their honeymoon, on a huge, new and fancy cruise ship. They are also celebrating the progress of Dan’s agoraphobia after a knife attack two years earlier. All is fine and dandy until Dan thinks he sees someone throwing a body overboard. After that everything seems to turn darker and more dangerous and Dan will discover that there are some things worse than murder. Something is coming for he passengers of the Oceanus. Something that isn’t supposed to exist.
YES. This seems to be a claustrophobic horror thriller and I am so extremely on board for this!! After I read “Dead sea” by Tim Curran I’ve wanted to find more books like that. Lost at sea, strange, unnatural things hiding in the fog and the deathly silence of a quiet sea.Ugh, YES. Please be good!!


The governess affair & The Duchess war (Book 0.5 and 1 of the Brothers Sinister series) by Courtney Milan

Now these will have to go under my “guilty pleasure” books. Historical romances is my THANG and if you don’t already know I am a HUGE fan of Beatrice Small! These books have gotten great reviews and many have said that Milan has made the romance more believable than what many do in these books. Usually it’s just loads of sex and MAYBE an actual buildable relationship occurs later. Here Milan has, seemingly, managed to make believable romantic couplings which has you emotionally invested. I can dig it.

The hundred thousand kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin

Truth be told, I wanted to buy the entire trilogy wrapped in to one huge book yesterday, but…another truth be told…it was FRIGGIN HUGE! I can’t log that thing around. Unfortunately the bookstore didn’t have book 1 in (OF COURSE), so I opted for the Kindle edition instead. I so so so want to get really in to the epic fantasy genre (again) and I’ve heard good things about this one. It might be a complicated world and you kinda have to keep a high focus while reading, but I’m up for a challenge! And that is another reason for buying only the first book and not the entire trilogy in one massive brick right away. 😛
I don’t really know how to describe this book (I’m never any good at that in the first place), but this is about Yeine Darr, an outcast from the barbarian north, a place where it’s not a good idea to be female or poor. Yeine is both. She’s just lost her mother and basically have to fend for herself now. But, since her mother died under mysterious circumstances, she’s summoned to the city of Sky, a palace above the clouds where gods’ and mortals’ lives are intertwined. And there Yeine is, rather shockingly names one of the potential heirs to the king. Now Yeine has to fight for the throne of the hundred thousand kingdoms against a pair of cousins she never knew she had and she has to fight for her life while trying to unravel her mother’s secrets. And, oh, she has to fight against more than just mortals. :O
Now, I don’t know about you but that has my interest peaked!

Now for the physical books!

A gathering of shadows by V. E. Schwab

This is book 2 after “A darker shade of magic”. I just happened to buy this copy yesterday and then coming home realizing this is NOT book 1 or a standalone! Ergo the Kindle copy of number 1. 🙂

Tiger’s curse by Colleen Hock

I don’t know much about this book, other than I’ve heard and seen it mentioned a few times on Instagram and booktube with good reviews and…it’s a floppy-book. I love any book that is in a floppy binding. 😛
So in this book we meet Kelsey who’s trying to break a 300-year-old Indian curse. With a white tiger called Ren. (As you do) We have dark forces, magic and mystical worlds and Kelsey trying to piece together an ancient prophecy that could break this curse.
And that’s pretty much all I know.

Chapelwood by Cherie Priest

Chapelwood is the sequel to “Maplecroft” by Priest, which I haven’t read yet. But, you know. Maplecroft is about the Borden killings. Lizzie Borden took an axe and killed her parents. 40 whacks to her mother, 41 whacks to her father…You know the story, it’s pretty infamous. Yes, it’s a true story! Pretty savage. So in these two books we get to know Lizzie personally. In Chapelwood we continue to follow Lizzie as her fight against the cosmic evil continues.

The rest of us just live here by Patrick Ness

So here we basically have a book that is NOT about a hero or a powerful protagonist. Mikey is just a guy trying to graduate and go to prom without the school blowing up – AGAIN. He’s not fighting zombies or soul-eating ghouls. He’s focusing on problems bigger than this week’s end of the world. Like trying to find the extraordinary in his own ordinary life. Even if his best friend might be the God of mountain lions…
Patrick Ness is pretty good at creating strange, yet lyrical worlds where there’s always something “off”. And by off I mean different than anything else you’ve read before. He writes beautifully. He’s known for making people cry.

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

I’m not going to say too much about this book because I haven’t even read the first 2! I bought this mainly for my husband, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick this series up myself. I’ve heard great things about this book 3 (crying. Lots of crying), so I am really curious!


Crown of midnight, Heir of fire & Queen of shadows (book 2, 3 & 4 in the Throne of glass series) by Sarah J. Maas

I HAD to get the next three books in this series because I’m currently reading the first one, “Throne of Glass” and I freaking LOVE it! Yes, right in the very beginning it reminded me of “Poison study” by Maria Snyder and then it gave me that “Hunger Games” vibe (but that could just as easily be because it’s printed on the cover!!), but it quickly became a very much alive and very much unique world! I don’t think I need to say too much about this because it’s a wildly popular and well-read series, but if you haven’t read it and you like kick ass assassin heroines with sharp tongues, gorgeous worlds, glass palaces, murders, soldier heartthrobs (that just won’t stop brooding) and last but not least; GORGEOUS COVERS then you should probably pick this one up. DO IT.

That was my March book haul and now…the buying ban beings…Now I’m actually going to have to read them all and review them and not just have them on display in my shelves. 😉


The lies of Locke Lamora / review



Hello everyone!

It took me aaaaaaages to finish this book! It’s embarrassing! I started this on May 21st….!! I’m not 100% sure why this took me so long, but the weighing factors probably were a lot of work and stress, leaving me pretty beat and brain dead after work and one other little, tiiiiny thing…


Yes. That is something that drives me crazy. This works really well in movies. I love that, getting a good base for the characters, their history and so on, but NO, not in books. A little goes a long way! But in this one it is a constant return! And always when things are starting to happen in the “now”! And most of the time is was, for me, stories from the characters past that didn’t really interest me. Not then and there at least. The only back jump I really liked was the very last one, which basically was a repeat of what was said in the very start of the book, but THAT one really fitted.

But besides that this was a really great book and a really elaborate and colorful and unique story! It was funny, it was macabre, it was violent and full of foul language which just pleased me heaps. 😀 Yes, even the pretty bloody, disgusting way of torture exercised in this book. This is something I so rarely see in books! And this is no YA book, and THANK GOD for that!

I really can place this book among Patrick Rothfuss’ books, but Rothfuss is still my number one in this genre.

Just a quick summery: Locke Lamora is a grand thief in Camorr, a world resembling Venice, with barges and canals instead of cars and roads. He and his band of Gentlemen Bastards spend their days keeping up appearances as priests and beggars, while they under the surface are clever thieves who create convincing alibis and amazing costumes to make elaborate schemes. And they are about to pull their greatest scheme ever, which will take them months to pull off, but the rewards will be huge.

I did 8 marks in this book and here are some of my favorite dialogues, quotes that describe this book and its humor and language great.

“My attendant will be along any moment,’ Locke/Fehrwright said as he/they stepped aboard the barge, ‘his name is Graumann, and he too suffers from a slight case of being imaginary.”

“Merciful gods,’ said Calo, ‘it must be catching.”


“This doublet’s damned uncomfortable in the back,’ Locke muttered. ‘Jean! Jeeeeaaaaaaan!”

“What is it?” Came and echoing return shout a long moment later. “Why, I just love to say your name! Get in here!”


“(…) So eat hemp and shit rope, bondsmage.”


“Yes! Yes,’ cried the woman. ‘Yes! Now throw him out the window!”

“For the love of the gods, madam,’ snapped Locke, ‘can you please pick one man in your bedroom to cheer for and stick with him?”


Hard lessons were handed out; as many men learned to their sorrow, it’s impossible to be intimidating when one angry woman has your cock between her teeth and another is holding a stiletto to your kidneys.

So, yes, I loved the humor and the brutality and the honesty in this book! 🙂

Number of dodo’s: dodododododododo (out of 5)


Huge Book Depository book haul!

Well hello everyone! (I can barely write with my left hand, I have a cat claiming it as his pillow..!)

Anyways! Today my big haul from Book Depository came! Yay! ( 10 books in total! 3 of them was for my husband. I’m nice like that. 😀 It was so cheap! The awesome part was that all the prices came automatically up in my own currency so there was never any worry about the total price. So cheap. So, so cheap!


Danielle Paige – Dorothy must die. I haven’t heard much about this book, except that it’s pretty good! The title should say it all – it’s Dorothy and Oz and all that. But not it seems someone – another girl from Kansas – is in Oz to kill Dorothy!

Lottie Moggach – Kiss me first. Don’t know anything about this one. It’s a thriller. About a girl who takes on another identity online! (not from Book Depository.)

Kate Mosse – The mistletoe bride. A collection of ghost stories based on folklore from England and France. I love me a good ghost story or ten! (not from Book Depository.)

Marissa Meyer – Cinder. Heard great things about this and the entire series! Cyborg fairytale!

Cassandra Rose Clarke – The assassin’s curse. A girl pirate and a boy assassin. Can you go wrong with that??? NO!

Patrick Ness & Siobhan Dowd – A monster calls. An illustrated children’s book about cancer. It’s supposed to be beautiful and a very strong, moving story.

Tiffanie Debartolo – God-shaped hole. A funny, fresh, contemporary story. That’s all I know!

Kerstin Gier – Ruby Red. Time travel and romance! Can’t ask for more!

Mark Z. Danielewski – House of Leaves. Now this is an interesting one. A HUGE book, apparently a phenomenon passed around like a loose bundle of papers, an internet tale, parts continuously being added, new things written and text edited as it is. That’s all I know. Fascinating though!!

I know, I suck at trying to explain new books. But I try not to read too much about them before I read them myself!

Here’s the video of the unboxing I posted to instagram!